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Aluminium Foil for Air Conditioner
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aluminum evaporator coil

Aluminium foils for air conditioner is used as a heat sink material. It is divided into coated aluminium foil and uncoated aluminium foil. China stipulates in the GB / T3880-2006 standard that the thickness below 0.2 MM is called aluminium foil. This product is uncoated aluminium foil, also known as plain foil. After rolling and annealing, the aluminium foil whose surface has not been treated for any forms was also called smooth foil, and some people think it is tin foil.

Mechanical properties mainly refer to the tensile strength , elongation and cupping value of aluminium foil . Here , you will certainly assume that the larger the value , the better , but when you actually use it , you will find that this is not the case . Because starting from the aluminium foil material itself , when the tensile strength of the aluminium foil is relatively high , the elongation is inversely proportional to the relative decrease ; if you want to increase the elongation of the aluminium foil , then its tensile strength will definitely decrease .

Therefore , in practical applications , the intermediate value of mechanical properties is generally taken . In to use , the specific strength and plasticity values of aluminium foil have a great relationship of between the mold used in the processing of the heat exchange sheet . Generally , the punching process of air conditioner fins is divided into two types : stretch type and non-stretch type . Stretch-type punching dies to require better plasticity of the aluminium foil , which requires that the elongation of the aluminium foils for air conditioner was higher , and the relative tensile strength can be slightly lower ; while the non-stretching die to require the same tensile strength High , plasticity is a secondary indicator .

The commonly used alloy grades in aluminium foil for heat exchange fins are mainly 1100, 1030B, 3102, 8011, 8006 and so on. These alloy grades in aluminium foil for air conditioner are not only because they have good tensile strength, elongation and cupping value, but more importantly, they can be easily formed, which is beneficial to stamping and increase the heat exchange rate.

From the perspective of use, aluminium foil heat sink to aluminum heats sink bar,
There is no strict chemical composition requirements. Without surface treatment, 3A21 aluminum alloy has relatively good corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties such as strength and elongation, and high hardness. At the same time, the price is relatively expensive. The 8011 brand is different. The texture in the O state is softer, and the H22 state is slightly harder, which basically meets most air conditioner heat exchanger manufacturers. The choice of alloy and grade depends on the degree of mechanical performance of the air-conditioning radiator fins and the difficulty of the stamping process.

Aluminium foils for air conditioner is one of the main products we export. Mainly used for heat exchanger, evaporator and condenser fin of air conditioning system. There are also some manufacturers used for automobile water tanks, etc. We focus on the research and development and manufacturing of aluminium foil for air conditioner products. In the field of aluminium foil for air conditioner market, we have become one of the companies with the highest production technology level, the most complete variety and the highest market share in the world.

The future development direction of air conditioning is definitely miniaturization, light weight, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long life and low failure rate. The heat exchange fins of air conditioners are also correspondingly developing in the direction of miniaturization and weight reduction. The thickness of the heat exchange fins in the 1980s was 0.15-0.2MM, but today the thickness is only between 0.09MM and 0.15MM.

In order to improve the life of the air conditioner, reduce power consumption, improve the quality of ventilation and improve the cool effect, we have successively developed coated to heat to exchange with various functions, typical of which are anti-corrosion heat exchange fins and surface hydrophilic heat exchange. Sheet, surface water-repellent heats exchange sheet, mildew-proof heat exchange sheet and self-lubricating heat exchange sheet, etc.
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Product Details
Products Name:Aluminum foil for air conditioner
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Xianxing Aluminum
Certification:SGS,MSDS, RoHS, ISO
Model Number:8079,8011,8006,8009,1100,1030B,3102
Surface:Mill Finish, Plain, Bare
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity:No limits
Packaging Details:Fumigated wooden case or pallet
Delivery Time:2-3weeks
Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,CIF,DDU,CIP,FOB
Supply Ability:5000-10000 tons per month
Chemical Compositions
Mechanical Properies(Aolly,temper and mechanical performance under room temperature)
AlloyTemperMechanical performance under room temperature
Tensile(∮b, Mpa)Elongation(e%)Erichson(IE,mm)
1100, 8011O90-130>20>6.0
H18 >160 >5-
Re:if customers have special requirements,pls indicate them in purchase order
Usually supplied specification
tolerance (mm)
Core ID
Max OD for Finish products
Core material
Hydrophilic Coating Aluminium Foil
Hydrophilic Coating Aluminium Foil
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Colored Aluminium Foil
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