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Xianxing Aluminum is an aluminum foil factory.

Xianxing aluminum is an aluminum foil factory. We having founded in 2012, it is located in the political, cultural and economic center of Hefei, Anhui Province.

In order to pursue higher quality, we have been installing and updating advanced equipments at home and abroad. From smelting, continuous casting, cold rolling and foil rolling to slitting, sizing, etc., we have a complete set of industrial production lines that meet modern international standards. A comprehensive enterprise that is truly one of the most famous aluminum foil factory.

The main products are 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series and 8000 series aluminum alloy products. Compared to other aluminum foil factories, our aluminum alloy series are more complete. In addition to traditional alloys, our R & D team can also develop other new alloys to meet different global market demands.We specialize in producing aluminium foil, aluminum strip, aluminum plate, single zero foil, double zero foil, including air conditioner fin aluminum foil, air filter aluminum foil, cable aluminum foil, polypropylene cover aluminum foil, electronic capacitor aluminum foil, ventilation duct aluminum foil, and power transformer aluminum strip.

In addition to the main products, we also develop and produce more than 20 varieties of products, such as container foils, household aluminium foils and trade boards, to meet different demands.  We have a wider variety of aluminium foil products and a wider selection than other aluminum foil factories in China.

Our products are widely used in construction, refrigeration, electronics, packaging, transportation and other industries.

We are an aluminum foil factory, you can trust us. We have four major bases, which are located in Zhejiang, Henan, Shanghai and Guangdong. We can deploy goods from the four bases, and all four bases can be shipped, which guarantees the delivery time and product quality to the greatest extent.

With our professional capabilities, rich experience and flexible services, we have witnessed our high-quality products and won domestic and foreign markets. We sincerely invite guests and sincerely make friends from all over the world. We hope to cooperate with friends from all walks of cultures to create a win-win situation for a better future.

Why choose us?

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