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Brushed Aluminum Sheets

Name: Brushed aluminum sheets.
Status: O state, H12, H22, H14, H24, H16, H26, H18, H28.
Type: long drawing, short drawing, straight drawing, etc.
Packaging Detail: Standard export package or according to requirement.
Specifications: Can be customized according to requirements.
Price: Based on weight and processing fee, and refer to the LME market on that day.
Please email us for detailed chemical composition and mechanical properties.

The leading aluminum industry has the following characteristics:

  1. The drawing lines are clear, antistatic, easy to clean, and not dusty;
  2. Can be directly stamped into products, the oxide layer does not burst, and is scratch resistant;
  3. No fingerprints on the hand, long-lasting material performance pattern, UV resistance up to grade 5;
  4. A variety of materials are available and the styles are diversified, and more texture colors are available.
Aluminum Mirror Plate
Aluminum Mirror Plate
Aluminum Diamond Plate
Aluminum Diamond Plate
Anodized Aluminum Sheet
Anodized Aluminum Sheet