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Aluminum foil has a wide range of uses, such as aluminum foil for medicine packaging, aluminum foil for air conditioning fins, tape aluminum foil, cable packaging aluminum foil, cigarette aluminum foil, container aluminum foil, and household baking aluminum foil. There are different tempers and alloys for different purposes.

Uncoated aluminum foil

Aluminum foil has been widely used as an insulating material, electrical conductor, heat and light reflector, graphic art medium and other applications. This is because the properties of aluminum foil give these products unique properties. Produced as is, the aluminum surface has a natural hard transparent oxide layer, which prevents further oxidation indefinitely in many applications.

Uncoated aluminum foil rolls

Let us look at the unique combination of aluminum foil characteristics: aluminum foil creases, high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity per unit weight, high corrosion resistance, non-toxic, non-adsorption, light weight, high light reflectivity and an ideal moisture barrier.

Two small rolls of aluminum foil for air conditioner

Therefore, aluminum foil is also widely used in the following fields:
Annealed foil-The foil is completely softened by heat treatment.
Chemically cleaned aluminum foil-Chemically cleaned aluminum foil can remove lubricant and foreign matter.
Hard foil-The foil is completely hardened by rolling.
Intermediate tempered foil-tempered foil between tempered foil and hard foil.
Aluminum foil roll-aluminum foil in roll shape.
Aluminum foil sheet-cut into a rectangular foil of a certain size.

Self lubricating aluminum foil

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Aluminium Foil for Air Conditioner
Aluminium Foil for Air Conditioner
Hydrophilic Coating Aluminium Foil
Hydrophilic Coating Aluminium Foil
Aluminum Mirror Plate
Aluminum Mirror Plate