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Hydrophilic Coating Aluminium Foil
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Hydrophilic coating aluminium foil is formed by the hydrophilic treatment of the surface of bare foil . Blue hydrophilic aluminium foil is the most commonly used material for hydrophilic aluminium fins. The second is the golden hydrophilic aluminium foil.In addition to the chemical composition , mechanical properties and geometric dimensions required by hydrophilic coating aluminium foil , it should also have good plate shape and coating performance .

1 . The production process of hydrophilic aluminium foil requires that the aluminium foil has a good plate shape , which is a prerequisite for the production of coating aluminium foil , because only a good version is the basis of the coating , so that the hydrophilic coating aluminium foil manufactured later Causes uneven coating . The unit for measuring the shape index is I . The requirements of general coating production equipment on the plate type are within 20-40I . If it is greater than this value , a tension straightening system needs to be added in front of the coating equipment .

Generally , the aluminium belt of the coating equipment has a longer running route and more processing procedures . Therefore , if it is not equipped with a tension straightening system , it is easy to fold during operation once the plate shape is not good , resulting in production failure . The production process of air conditioning fins also has high requirements for the shape of aluminium foil . The general heat exchange sheet punching production line uses vacuum suction cups to transfer aluminium foil . If the aluminium foil has a bad plate shape and an uneven surface , it will cause the vacuum suction of aluminium foil to not work properly .

2 . Coating performance . As mentioned earlier , there are many types of coating aluminium foils for heat exchange fins . The coating aluminium foils used in the previous market are mainly hydrophilic aluminium foils . Therefore , only the coating performance indicators of hydrophilic aluminium foils will be discussed here .

3 . Coating thickness . The thickness of the coating film on the surface of the aluminium foil is not hardly specified , and is generally below 3 / 1m . Since the price of paint is generally more expensive , the thinner the thickness of the coating film is , the lower the production cost are under the premise of meeting the performance requirements . The thickness of the coating directly affects the performance indicators of the coating , so the thickness of the coating on the surface of the aluminium foil must be uniform .

4 . Coating adhesion . Coating adhesion is an indicator of the adhesion fastness of aluminium foil to its surface coating . If the coating adhesion is too small , the surface coating film will easily fall off during further processing and use of the coating aluminium foil , which will seriously affect the weight of the coating aluminium foil . Therefore , the stronger the coating adhesion , the better . Coating adhesion can only be tested qualitatively . The main testing methods include abrasion resistance tests , cross-cut test and cupping method .

5 . Hydrophilic property . After being used for a period of time , the hydrophilic aluminium foil will be affected by various environmental factors , which will affect the hydrophilic properties of the surface . 

Therefore , the hydrophilic property is generally divided into the initial hydrophilic property and the hydrophilic property after the environmental resistance test . The quality of the hydrophilic property is mainly measured by the size of angling a . The initial hydrophilicity of general products requires a <100 , and the hydrophilicity after environmental resistance tests requires a <250 . The measurement of the contact angles a can use a special contact angle measuring instrument ; it can also be calculated by the size of the area occupied by a certain volume of watering droplet’s on the aluminium foil surface .

6 . Corrosion resistance . The corrosion resistance is mainly reflected on three aspects : one is alkali resistance , because the lubricating oil on the surface of the heat exchanged plate after punching needs to be removed from an alkaline cleaning agent , so the functional coating on the surface of the aluminium foil must have a certain alkali resistance It is generally required to be immersed in 20% NaOH solution for 3 minutes without foaming ; second , it is resistant to salt spray corrosion .

Generally , it is required to have no corrosion spots on 500 hours of a test condition of 35 oCs and 3% salt water spray environment . The corrosion resistance of salt spray is directly related to the service life of the heat exchange fins . In coastal areas , due to the high salt content in the air , there is a high requirement for the salt spray corrosion resistance of the heat exchange fins ; the third is the heat and humidity resistance , that is , the corrosion resistance for a long time at a certain temperature and certain humidity Sex .

This performance is also an important indicator to measure the heat resistance of the heat exchange fins . Most of the hydrophilic coating aluminium foils we export are blue . You can also use gold , black , green , red and other colors to paint according to your requirements . The unique hydrophilicity of this product can effectively increase the heat exchange rate by 10-15% . It has anti-corrosion and anti-mildew function and no odor . This product is widely used in household air conditioners and water tanks . For detailed product specifications , please refer to the product list or contact us .


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Products Name:Aluminum foil for air conditioner
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Xianxing Aluminum
Certification:SGS,MSDS, RoHS, ISO
Model Number:8079,8011,8006,8009,1100,1030B,3102
Surface:Mill Finish, Plain, Bare
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Minimum Order Quantity:No limits
Packaging Details:Fumigated wooden case or pallet
Delivery Time:2-3weeks
Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,CIF,DDU,CIP,FOB
Supply Ability:5000-10000 tons per month
Chemical Compositions
Mechanical Properies(Aolly,temper and mechanical performance under room temperature)
AlloyTemperMechanical performance under room temperature
Tensile(∮b, Mpa)Elongation(e%)Erichson(IE,mm)
1100, 8011O90-130>20>6.0
H18 >160 >5-
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