Market Price of 8011-H22 H24 Aluminum Foil for Container

At present, China is the main producer and exporter of aluminum foil in the world. Aluminum foil production and processing quality technology, equipment and products have reached the international advanced level. Packaging market is an important consumer market of aluminum foil, which is mostly used in aluminum foil.
The aluminum foil container made of container aluminum foil has the following advantages:

Household aluminum foil paper

1. Non toxic raw materials
Aluminum foil is made by rolling after the original aluminum alloy in several steps and is free from harmful substances such as heavy metals. In the production process of aluminum foil, high temperature annealing disinfection process is adopted. As a result, the container foil can come into contact with food and will not contain or help bacteria to grow.

Aluminum foil plate

2. It is easy to heat and has no harmful substances after heating. It has high conductivity and can reduce the time and energy related to food processing, refrigeration and secondary heating.
3. Easy to shape, easy to seal and cover, ensure food hygiene, and has good sealing and heat preservation ability, which can avoid storage and food transportation. The deterioration or pollution in the process of processing greatly reduces food waste.

Aluminum foil wrapping paper

4. It can be recycled, protect the environment and save resources
Aluminum has a high recovery rate and renewable, can be recycled indefinitely, and the quality loss is limited, but also can maintain its original characteristics. Recycled aluminum can be used to produce various finished products. The energy required for aluminum foil regeneration is only 0.05 or less than that of the original aluminum production, and the greenhouse gas emission is reduced by 0.95. The aluminum foil bento box made of aluminum foil can be easily compressed and classified, thus reducing the amount of waste generated.

Chicken wings wrapped in aluminum foil

As a brand of aluminum processing, the aluminum foil produced by aluminum industry first conforms to the national standards, which has won the satisfaction of customers. At present, it can provide container aluminum foil 8011 alloy, O state, H22 state and H24 state for food production enterprises. Ensure the quality, eliminate black oil spots, bright lines, roll marks, small black lines and scratches. Choose us, you did not choose the wrong, click the message bar on the right to get a free quotation!

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