Can aluminum foil be used safely for food packaging?

With the development of society, environmental protection has become one of the most concerned issues of people! In recent years, a relatively environmentally friendly food packaging container has emerged. Some jam products, beverages, milk powder, canned food, meat and fresh food are all packaged in aluminum foil, which is what we call household aluminum foil. Some people may have questions: Is aluminum foil safe for food packaging? Jack will give you the answer below.

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Aluminum foil is very safe for food packaging. The material composite technology and composite material stretch forming technology used by the leading aluminum industry’s aluminum foil packaging containers have applied for national patents. The packaging cans produced by the new technology, because the inner side of the can adopts high-barrier polypropylene composite technology, the PP film on the inner side of the can can effectively isolate the food from the metal sheet, and has a high degree of hygiene, which can effectively extend the preservation time of the food. Food does not change color and taste.

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In addition, the product also has the characteristics of the outer aluminum material can be recycled and reused, reducing environmental pollution. The health and safety indicators of the new aluminum foil food packaging container were tested and identified: heavy metals; ethanol decolorization test, cold meal oil decolorization test, and soaking liquid decolorization test results were all negative. The metal cans, boxes and other food containers made by aluminum foil container molding technology have the characteristics of light weight, no rust, and high food safety. They can be widely used in device paste food, sauce food, dry and wet canned food, Such as turtle paste, cream, tomato sauce, chili sauce, apple sauce, peanut paste, canned fish and various canned meat products.

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Aluminum foil packaging can be used not only for cans and boxes but also for packaging bags. Aluminum foil packaging bags can evacuate all the air in the bag when packaging food, and this kind of packaging bag is very different from ordinary plastic bags. General plastic bags have strong light transmission, so some need Foods that are kept fresh or protected from light are not suitable for this kind of plastic bag.

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During the production process, the aluminum foil bag of Xianxing Aluminum is designed with the characteristics of reflective light source on the surface, so as to avoid the situation that some foods have too much light intensity and shorten the shelf life; there are also foods like smoked sauces. They have a lot of grease and are not easy to store. If we use aluminum foil bags for vacuum packaging, not only can we create a low-bacterial environment for food to extend the shelf life, but also because this packaging bag has strong oil resistance , Without allowing a layer of grease to penetrate the outside of the packaging bag.

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When we use plastic bags in our lives, we sometimes cannot help but worry about the safety of these plastic products, because some foods are still hot when they are put in, and if the performance and material of the plastic bags are not good enough, it will Produce a lot of harmful substances, which cause certain harm to our body, but if we use our aluminum foil bags to package this kind of food, there will be no such concerns, because the production process of Xianxing Aluminum is strictly in accordance with national standards. , The materials used are also environmentally friendly.

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It is reported that the jam product packaging containers currently used in Europe, America and most environmentally friendly countries are disposable aluminum foil products, and safe and hygienic environmentally friendly aluminum foil packaging containers have become the first choice for European countries to replace tinplate materials.

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The materials used in the new aluminum foil food packaging container are all made of high-quality raw materials. Due to the improvement of the process, the raw material aluminum can be saved by more than 50% compared with the ordinary process, which greatly reduces the product cost and provides a strong guarantee for our products to participate in international competition in the future. In an environment where environmental protection is increasingly valued, aluminum foil containers will replace tinplate food containers with their safety, sanitation, and convenience, and become a new and upgraded product that is safe and environmentally friendly.

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