What kinds of air conditioner aluminum foil can be used as condenser fins?

Do you know what is air conditioner aluminum foil? What kinds of air conditioner aluminum foil can be used as condenser fins? Here is Jack Han, who pioneered the aluminum industry, to answer for everyone.

Air conditioner aluminum foil is the aluminum foil used in the air conditioners. It can be classified according to physical properties, that is, the alloy of the aluminum foil, or according to the chemical properties of the surface, or according to the thickness and width. Different air conditioner aluminum foils have different functions, and their prices are also different. Because the density of aluminum is relatively small, and its thermal conductivity is better, it is easy to process, odorless, environmentally friendly and low in price, so aluminum products are used in many places. The fins of the air conditioner heat exchanger made of aluminum foil are one of the representatives, which we call air conditioner aluminum foil. Next, let’s take a look at the classification of air conditioner aluminum foil.

Uncoated aluminum foil rolls
  1. Uncoated aluminum foil

Non-coated aluminum foil refers to aluminum foil that has been rolled and annealed without any form of surface treatment. In our country 20 years ago, and about 25 years ago, the aluminum foil used for the heat exchange fins of the air conditioner were all non-coated aluminum foil. About 50% of the heat exchange fins used in developed countries are still uncoated aluminum foil, while in my country, this ratio is about 60%.

Uncoated aluminum foil
  1. Coated aluminum foil

The so-called coated aluminum foil is to reprocess the surface of non-coated aluminum foil to make it have a certain special function. In countries with fast technological development such as Japan and Germany, coated aluminum foil has been used for more than 25 years. In my country, the use of coated aluminum foil does not exceed 20 years. According to the characteristics of the coated aluminum foil surface, it can be classified as follows:

The fins of air conditioner condenser placed in order
  1. Corrosion-resistant aluminum foil

The surface of the corrosion-resistant aluminum foil product has a certain anti-corrosion protective layer. The air-conditioning heat exchange sheet made of this product can be applied to relatively harsh areas and can significantly increase the service life of the air conditioner. At the same time, due to the improvement of the corrosion resistance of the heat exchange sheet, the generation of surface corrosion powder is greatly reduced, thereby improving the ventilation quality and purifying the air in the air-conditioned room.

Self lubricating aluminum foil
  1. Hydrophilic aluminum foil

The surface of hydrophilic aluminum foil has strong hydrophilicity. The hydrophilic performance is determined by the angle formed by the water sticking to the surface of the aluminum foil. The smaller the an angle, the better the hydrophilic performance, and vice versa, the worse the hydrophilic performance. Generally speaking, angle an is less than 35. It belongs to hydrophilic properties. Hydrophilic aluminum foil is generally used in evaporators of air conditioners. Its main function is to make the moisture in the hot air easy to spread when condensed into watering droplets on the heat exchange fins and flow down along the sheet. This can prevent the water droplets between the heat exchanges fins from affecting the ventilation effect of the heat exchanger, thereby increasing the heat exchange rate of the air conditioner, and saving electricity under the same cooling capacity. In the past, the general hydrophilic aluminum foil on the market not only has good hydrophilicity on the surface, but also has high corrosion resistance, so that the performance of the air conditioner is more optimized.

Light blue hydrophilic aluminum foil and evaporator
  1. Hydrophobic aluminum foil

Hydrophobic aluminum foil is also called water-repellent aluminum foil, and its surface properties are just the opposite of hydrophilic aluminum foil. That is, when the condensed water condenses on the surface of the aluminum foil, the contact angle with the aluminum foil is larger, generally 75. the above. The larger the angle, the better the water repellency. The ultimate goal of using hydrophobic aluminum foil is the same as that of hydrophilic aluminum foil, that is, to prevent condensed water from remaining between the heat exchange fins. The difference is that the hydrophobic aluminum foils to achieve the purpose of removing the condensed water between the heat exchange fins by increasing the contact angle between the condensate water and the heat exchanges fins, so that the condensate water can form droplets that are easy to slide off.

Hydrophilic aluminum foil roll
  1. Self-lubricating aluminum foil

In the process of processing and manufacturing air conditioning heat exchange fins, lubricating oil is generally added to the surface, then punching and flange, and finally trichloroethylene is used to wash off the lubricating oil. Since trichloroethylene is harmful to the human body, in order to reduce this process, a self-lubricating aluminum foil is produced accordingly. As the name implies, self-lubricating aluminum foil does not need to be lubricated separately during its punching process, and the lubrication during punching is borne by the pre-treated film on the surface of the aluminum foil. Since there is no need to add lubricating oil, the subsequent cleaning and drying process of trichloroethylene is omitted.

Hydrophilic aluminum foil on machine

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