Where can I buy aluminum checker plate?

You can buy it from Xianxing Aluminum, and you can get professional technical support and perfect after-sales service. Xianxing Aluminum has mastered advanced aluminum checker plate production technology. Aluminum checker plate is very popular for its high strength. The aluminum checker plate produced has many specifications, many alloys and many stocks. This product is made by us with high-quality materials and advanced technology. In addition, we provide this service at an affordable price.

Aluminum Diamond Plate

Aluminum checker plate is widely used in decoration, shipbuilding and construction applications. The aluminum checker plate has good molding, drilling and welding capabilities, easy to manufacture, and its raised pattern has good anti-slip properties. Aluminum checker plate is a light metal plate with regular raised patterns. The added texture reduces the risk of slipping.

3003 Aluminum Sheet

Standard size:

The thickness is 2.0-10.0mm, and the width and length can be customized according to needs.

Stock aluminum plate

Aluminum grid 7075-T6 1220mm×2440mm thickness: 25mm

Aluminum grid 7075-T6 1220mm×2440mm thickness: 40mm

Aluminum inspection board 2024-T6 1220mm×2440mm thickness 1.1mm

Aluminum inspection board 2024-T351 1220mm×1200mm thickness 1.2mm

Aluminum grating 2219’O’state 1220mm×1200mm thickness 2mm

Aluminum grating 2021 TDCL 1220mm×1220mm thickness

Aluminum inspection board 2024-T351 3650mm×2440mm thickness 2.5mm

Aluminum grating 2219-T6 1220mm×2440mm thickness 5mm

Aluminum checkered board with a thickness of 4mm, used for detergent, and used for anti-skid on kitchen floor.

Marine grade aluminum grid plate 5800mm×1525mm×8mm plate

Embossed Aluminum Plate/Coil

If the aluminum grating you need is different from the listed size, please feel free to send us your exact requirements by email. We can provide a full set of manufacturing services for the aluminum checker plate in any size, shape or form within a reasonable [email protected]

Aluminium Foil for Air Conditioner
Aluminium Foil for Air Conditioner
Hydrophilic Coating Aluminium Foil
Hydrophilic Coating Aluminium Foil
Aluminum Mirror Plate
Aluminum Mirror Plate